ECL dedicated heating controllers

ECL dedicated heating controllers

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Intelligent solutions for managing the heating system and connecting to the remote monitoring system

Danfoss solutions are comprehensive in every way and tailored to the specific application. We cover almost all application possibilities in this area. Solutions with Danfoss “Intelligent” controllers provide superior control and management of heating systems. We not only supply controllers, but also unique software that enables remote monitoring and control of district heating systems. There are many good reasons to choose a solution that allows you to remotely monitor, control and, if necessary, service your system, regardless of whether the system regulates heating in urban buildings or rural communities. Danfoss offers the optimal solution for each of your applications.

Systems for remote monitoring, management of heating systems and data acquisition are nowadays a necessity and a technical standard – a standard that contributes both to energy efficiency and energy saving, as well as to the optimal exploitation of your installation. Our solutions cover all traditional forms of district heating and its alternatives, such as biomass plants. The Danfoss platform will provide better and simplified control over the system, which not only optimizes management processes, but also brings savings and protects the environment. In district heating networks, you often have high-capacity consumers that consume energy in an irrational way, which leads to significant energy consumption and waste. Here, it is important to optimally manage the district heating system, both at the heat sources and at the end user. The Danfoss electronic controller ECL 310 and ECL 210 will not only simplify the management of the plant, but also save energy and help achieve the required comfort.

Act proactively in service delivery, thanks to an effective monitoring and alarm system that can isolate and eliminate problems – even before the user knows they exist. For example, if the starting temperature is too high, the system will automatically activate an alarm to warn of excessive energy consumption.

ECL Comfort allows you to easily optimize performance and system operation, leading to energy savings and longer system life. A properly installed and commissioned electronic controller is a prerequisite for a stable and functional heating system. Simple installation and an intuitive interface allow the ECL Comfort controller to be installed correctly for maximum benefit for both the user and the heat energy supplier.

For the end user, ECL Comfort controllers primarily help to achieve comfort with the minimum possible energy consumption. Lower energy consumption can be registered by the Sonometar™ calorimeter connected to the ECL Comfort regulator. Savings on the heating bill will return the investment within a reasonable time. The level of comfort is of course still the same, and the setup is made easier by the user-friendly interface, which is modernly designed and adapted to the application.


ECL COMFORT 210 – “Stand alone controller”

Standalone controller for multiple heating and cooling applications – up to 2 control circuits.

  • 2 regulation circuits of heating and/or DHW + DHW thermostatic function
  • Application-specific ECL application keys, A2xx series
  • scroll/push wheel navigation
  • large graphic display with backlight
  • more space for the cable box
  • the user interface and stand can be easily separated
  • two 3-point control outputs for motor valve actuators
  • 8 inputs: 6 Pt 1000
  • configurable
  • 4 relay outputs
  • reading the data log on the screen or via the USB interface
  • USB port for service
  • Modbus RS485 for short cable distances
  • Master/slave option
  • Optimized for substation and system operation using Danfoss actuators, control valves, Pt 1000 sensors and pressure transmitters



Controller with communication interfaces for applications up to 2 circuits.

In addition to the features of the ECL Comfort 210, the ECL Comfort 296 gives you:

  • Integrated communication interfaces: Modbus RS485 for longer distances, M-bus master intended for heat meters, Modbus TCP
  • Lean Heat Monitor Link – Easy to install, access and customize / monitor
  • Smaller size, 144 x 96 mm



Controller with communication interfaces for applications with up to 3 circuits.

In addition to the features of the ECL Comfort 210, the ECL Comfort 310 gives you additional functions:

  • 3 control circuits + thermostatic function
  • Integrated communication interfaces: USB interface for service, Modbus RS485 for longer distances, M-bus master intended for heat meters, Modbus TCP
  • 10 inputs: 6 Pt 1000, 4 configurable
  • three 3-point control outputs optimized for actuators
  • 6 relay outputs
  • Reading of the data log on the screen or via the communication interface
  • Link to Lean Heat Monitor – easy to install, access and set up / monitor


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