EATON new digital compact switches series NZM

EATON new digital compact switches series NZM

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Communication and advanced security technology in one device

Following the needs of customers and increasingly demanding applications in the industry, Eaton has launched a new range of compact circuit breakers that are adaptable to all types of applications from small switchboards, through machine power supplies, to large distribution systems. Due to its connectivity, new and improved functions, it is ready for Industry 4.0 applications.
The new NZM series is intended for applications from 20A to 1600A, in 3 or 4-pole design, fixed or withdrawable, with breaking capacities from 25kA to 150kA. The previously introduced Power Xpert Release (PXR) protection unit platform on the IZMX series air circuit breakers is now also implemented on the NZM series compact circuit breakers.

PXR technology offers a wide range of functions. Data on set protection, measurements, analyses, diagnostics and recorded events in addition to the display can be transmitted via one of the standard Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet protocols. For greater security, it is possible to set a password to prevent unauthorized changes. The USB interface allows easy connection to a computer to change settings, analyze data or run one of the test functions, as well as the ability to save and print test data to improve control and maintenance mode. It is possible to simulate different situations, such as overload, short circuit and earth fault. Test reports with recorded date and time, individual settings, activation curves and test results can be saved in pdf format. Power Xpert Protection Manager (PXPM) software is used to communicate with the PXR protection unit, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Eaton website.

PXR25 electronic protection unit

The strongest in class PXR25 protection unit is equipped with a high resolution screen. Reading the desired information is easy and accessible through the intuitive menu. You can enter the desired settings through this screen, choose between protection settings and soft settings (additional settings). A Modbus communication module is available as an option and is built into the switch body. When it comes to safety functions, the novelty is as an option ZSI (Zone Selectivity) and ARMSTM (Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System). Energy measurement is in accuracy class 1 and complies with standard IEC 61557-12. The measurement data is organized according to the ISO 50001 standard.

The importance of accurate measurements and analytics

Prerequisites for introducing an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 are accurate energy measurements, identification of the main energy consumers and a complete analysis of the company’s energy costs. This creates the basis for the realization of concrete energy efficiency improvements. Eaton offers a wide range of innovative products for monitoring, measuring and analyzing energy data. In October 2017, ISO 50003 was introduced, according to which companies with certified energy management systems must provide data to prove the increase in energy efficiency they have achieved. With our innovative energy measurement technology, we are able to support you in meeting more stringent certification criteria.
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