Installation devices

Installation devices

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Miniature Circuit Breakers
Residual Current Devices
Surge Protection Devices
Other Installation Devices

Miniature Circuit Breakers Ex9BH
Miniature Circuit Breakers Ex9BN
Miniature Circuit Breakers Ex9B125
Miniature Circuit Breakers Ex9PN
DC Miniature Circuit Breakers Ex9BD
Isolators Ex9I125
Isolators Ex9I40
Isolators with accessories Ex9BI
Residual Current Circuit Breakers Ex9CL
Residual Current circuit Breakers with Overload protection Ex9CBL
RCD add-on blocks Ex9LE
Surge protection devices Ex9UE1
Surge Protection Devices Ex9UE1+2, 12,5kA
Surge protection devices Ex9UE1+2, 25kA
Surge Protection Devices Ex9UE2
Installation relays Ex9CH20
Installation contactors Ex9CH
Change-over switches Ex9BT
Installation signal lamps Ex9PD
Installation signal lamps Ex9PDe
Analogue time switches Ex9TA
Digital time switches Ex9TD
Staircase switches Ex9SS
Light intensity switches Ex9LA/Ex9LD


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