The facility is divided into facilities as follows: – facility 1: clarification, chemical dosing, sludge treatment, energy – facility 2: clean water tank, filters, command center and laboratory – facility 3: compensation pools, distribution window and clean water tank for filter wash – facility 4: diesel unit There are six sand filters at the Cave Regional Water Treatment Plant. Each of the filter fields is equipped with five pneumatically actuated closures. The closures are located in two tubular galleries, the rear longitudinal tubular gallery on the raw water side and the front longitudinal tubular gallery on the clean water side. In the control room of the plant is a cabinet ROA1, which has a programmable logic controller type Omron (CJ1G) and related automation equipment. The complete algorithm of operation, regulation, as well as management of all executing organs in the system is executed software in the mentioned PLC. Also provided is one SERVER personal computer, on which the SCADA application was developed, in the Cx-Supervisor v2.1 software package, for visualization, control and process management. The PC is for industrial use and is designed for continuous 24-hour operation. This application monitors the operation of technological, hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment at the plant. Five CLIENT computers are also planned. Client PCs are located in the following facilities: Plant Manager (PC2), Maintenance (PC3), Technologist (PC4), Laboratory (PC5), and Meeting Room (PC6). These computers are connected via an Ethernet switch with 16xRJ45 ports. Transmission rates are 10/100 Mbit / s. A UTP cable of category 6 is used as the transfer medium. The conference room has a single TV panel, 42 “, which is connected to a PC6 PC. Through this TV panel guests can be presented the operation of the plant and the work of other distribution facilities of the water supply system of Valjevo.