Granični i zaštitni prekidači

Granični i zaštitni prekidači

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SIRIUS detecting devices perform precise detection of motion sequences for machines and equipment in almost any application. Whether position detection, motion limitations of particular machine parts or in safety circuits – our detecting devices manage a variety of information in the field, even in the harshest conditions. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive program of contact-free sensors for seamless control.

Mehanički granični prekidači – SIRIUS 3SE5
Mehanički granični prekidači – SIRIUS 3SE5 sa posebnim pogonom
Mehanički granični prekidači sa prebacivačem – SIRIUS 3SE5, 3SE2
Mehanički zglobni granični prekidači – SIRIUS 3SE5, 3SE2
Mehanički sigurnosni prekidači za AS-Interface – SIRIUS 3SF1
Bezkontaktni magnetni sigurnosni prekidači – SIRIUS 3SE66, 3SE67
Bezkontaktni RFID sigurnosni prekidači -SIRIUS 3SE63


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