The technological process of the operation of the biogas plant involves the production of electricity from biogas. The process itself consists of three stages:

  • The first stage includes the process of feeding the fermenter with liquid and solid substrate.
  • The second phase includes the fermentation process with constant mixing in the fermenter and extraction of biogas
  • The third phase includes the process of electricity production and delivery to the distribution network.

The basic substrate in the production process is corn silage and rye silage. The plant consists of a central part and five biogas plants, the so-called “petals”, which form one unit, i.e. a “flower”. The central part combines information from all 5 plants and redistributes them between the petals based on the given parameters. Visualization of the process, i.e. monitoring and management of the process is done via a 15″ touch panel, i.e. the Scada application.