For the Investor “Balkan Energy Production LLCEL”, Skopje, a preliminary design was made, which defined the necessary activities for the modernization of equipment, in order to provide full automation of the process of production of thermal energy at the “East” and “West” heat plants with the ultimate goal – the formation of a central the system of remote monitoring and control over thermal sources, as well as its connection with the central system of remote monitoring and control over the distribution of thermal energy (hot water and heat substations). The conceptual design elaborated a concept and strategy that would, in stages, achieve the stated goals. The proposed modernization of the equipment at the heating plants will allow the automation of the operation and the construction of a system for monitoring and managing the individual subsystems of these plants – parts of the plant. This project proposes and elaborates the phase realization of the set goals. After defining the general strategy through the Preliminary design, the conditions were reached for the completion of the main modernization, automation, control and management projects for each of the realization phases, on the basis of which the works for a specific part of the plant would be performed. This project defines all the necessary stages of development of the central system of control and management of heat sources and proposes the optimal order of their realization.