In accordance with the requirements of the Investor “Production on heat Balkan Energy DOOEL”, Skopje a detailed analysis of the current situation was carried out. This analysis has determined which equipment is suitable and can be retained, is not suitable and it is necessary to anticipate new and which equipment is missing and to be predicted from the aspect of the required level of automation of hot water boilers VKSM 60/1 and VKSM 60/5.

On the basis of this analysis, lists of pumps and fans, electrically-operated valves and sensors / measuring equipment have been established, defining existing suitable equipment, existing inadequate equipment (and new changing equipment) and missing equipment that must be installed. In order to enable automatic operation of the plant, the project envisages the installation of new shut-off and regulating bodies with electric motor actuators where necessary. The construction of new switchgear cabinets for electric drive and control and control systems with PLC is envisaged.

The design solution respected all possible scenarios in the automatic operation of hot water boilers VKSM 60/1 and VKSM 60/5, taking into account the functioning of the system in normal and emergency mode. Algorithms for automatic starting, operation and stopping of boilers are defined. The proposed design solution enables the automatic operation of the boiler with minimal operator influence on the operating technology in all modes of operation. The operator’s participation is reduced to starting and stopping the boiler, as well as entering reference and limit values ​​of different physical quantities important for the boiler operation and regulation within it.