All signals with 3 gas cogeneration modules are integrated into this system, as well as with the accompanying systems necessary for the operation of this complex plant (heat exchangers, cooling towers, distribution boxes for own consumption of cogeneration units, substations, etc.). Communication was established with the PLCs of the cogenerator as well as with 20 different heat and electricity meters to calculate the complete balances of the existing energy produced. In addition, 25 flow, pressure and temperature gauges are installed on the basis of which all energy consumption in the system is calculated. Based on these measurements and the calculations applied, the complete production and consumption of all energy is known at all times, as well as the degree of usefulness of the complete cogeneration plant. The integration of the new plant into the existing SCADA platform was carried out. Within the scope of this contract, we also carried out complete electrical works on the total reconstruction of the hot water pumping station at the TO West.