The modernization of the exchange station included all activities for the construction of a comprehensive management and control system for this facility, which is crucial for the heating of consumers in Sremska Mitrovica. In this way, the automatic operation of the complete system of the exchange station, as well as of all subsystems within it (low and high pressure pumps, exchangers, dictator plant, condensate station, mixing valves at the outlet of hot water boilers, etc.) was implemented.

New electrical switchgear cabinets have been created for the electric motor drive as well as for control and monitoring (with PLC and Touch panel). In addition, the following were delivered and installed: SCADA workstation for control and monitoring of the exchange station, sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, level and flow. Electrical equipment also includes electric motor actuators, valves for pump protection against dry running and other standard equipment. Part of the existing equipment has been retained and integrated into the management and control system. A new SCADA application for an exchange station has been created.