As part of the reconstruction, a brand new pump house was built at the Istog heating plant in Novi Sad. The subject of the work was electrical installations of electric motor drive and control and monitoring. The electric motor drive consisted of 4 frequency controlled 400kW circulation pumps, plant dictator, existing for chemical water treatment, as well as over 25 valves with electric motor drive. In addition to the electric drive system, the control and monitoring system also included other new subsystems at the heating plant – substation, diesel unit, meteorological station, gas metering and control station. The plant management and control system built consists of 3 PLCs, 3 touch panels and 2 Scada workstations. The control cabin to TO East is fully equipped. All electrical equipment is housed in a total of 11 freestanding switchboards. Over 50 energy, flow, pressure, temperature and level meters are installed. Integration of the new plant into the existing SCADA platform was performed, communication with the existing PLCs on the facility was established.