For the facility of “Jug” heating plant in Niš and the Investor of PUC “Gradska toplana”, Niš we have prepared a complete project – technical documentation for power installations and management and control system. After that, according to the approved documentation, we performed complete electrical works on the facility, which included: construction of two new boiler units with a capacity of 30MW with all necessary supporting equipment (fuel oil / natural gas burners, frequency controlled fans, frequency controlled recirculation pumps) , installation of a new circulation pump 3x400V, 630kW, construction of a new chemical preparation of water, installation of a partial flow filtration unit for return water, regulation of the pH value of the water in the recirculation via the conditioning system, construction of a new frequency controlled dictation plant. A completely new electrical installation of general consumption, lighting and electric motor, complete electrical installation of control and monitoring systems, as well as earthing and bridging of the equipment have been built.

The control and control system consists of three PLCs (two for boiler units and one for common signals) with associated Touch Panels. Two SCADA workstations with appropriate drive management and data acquisition software have been installed. Profibus communication is established with Burner Managment System and all frequency controllers installed in the plant. An algorithm has been defined and integrated that enables the complete plant and all its subsystems to operate automatically.