For the needs of the Investor of JKP “Novosadska toplana”, works were performed on the replacement of the equipment of the circulating heating plant at the facility of Toplana “Zapad”. The following works were performed:

  • Dismantling of complete equipment and electrical installations of the old heating pumping station, including dismantling of old distribution cabinets and frequency regulators, as well as field equipment;
  • Delivery, installation, connection and parameterization of new frequency regulators 5 x 315kW, 0.4kV;
  • Delivery, installation and connection of new distribution cabinets for local control of circulating pumps and electric motor actuators of valves in the pumping station;
  • Cabling and connecting new field equipment to existing pumping station control and monitoring cabinets;
  • Software development for Touch Panel and Scada application;
  • Preparation of complete electrical design and technical documentation;
  • Testing and putting the pumping station into local and remote automatic operation.