On Thursday, February 18, 2010, the promotion of the book Management in the Process Industry and Energy was held in the beautiful surroundings of the Kovilovo Sports Center in Belgrade. The promotion was attended by about 120 colleagues and guests.

The promotion was opened by the director of the TERMONET company from Belgrade Branislav Crnčević, who informed the participants about cooperation with the companies Kamstrup, Clorius, APV, Samson and a close relationship with the company NS Concept from Novi Sad.

Prof. dr. Dragoslav Sumarac informed the guests about new activities of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, such as individual insurance of each chamber member, then networking in mobile telephony, as well as the possibility of downloading various regulations. He invited all colleagues to get to know each other in more detail in the chamber.

On the occasion of its 18th anniversary, ETA from Belgrade has once again, as usual, handed out Thanksgiving to companies that have been helping such and similar editions of professional literature for years.

On behalf of the author, Mihajlo Stambolic, outlined the main aspects of the material covered in the book. He particularly emphasized the part about designing instrumentation and control of the plant.

The book editor is prof. Martin Bogner emphasized the connection between the content of the book and the domestic standards and literature, where such matter was addressed. He thanked, on behalf of the publisher, all the advertisers, and especially the companies TERMONET and SAACKE from Belgrade for special help on the publication of this book.

Zeljko Drobnjak from NS Concept from Novi Sad presented some examples of control systems in the process industry and energy, which were designed and built by his company.

A colleague, Ivan Stojanovic from Optimal Energy Solutions, Belgrade, will introduce in detail the details and individual products of SAMSON from Germany.

After the presentation, colleagues and friends continued discussions and socializing with a rich cocktail, which this time was successfully prepared by the staff of the Hotel Prezident Sports Center Kovilovo.