Advantages of using solenoid valves with liquid level sensors (pressostats)

  • This type of sensor has no moving parts that can be damaged
  • The liquid level sensor is positioned outside the tank, so maintenance is simpler
  • Unlike standard level probes, a pressure switch with an electromagnetic valve does not need an additional controller
  • We use the tank if there is no satisfactory water supply to the building

EV220B solenoid valves are automatic. electrically operated valves, operated with the help of a pressure switch and used to regulate the water level in the tanks. If the water level in the tank becomes too low, the pressure switch (hydrostatic level sensor) will actuate the spool and open the electromagnetic
valve. As soon as the liquid level reaches a critical point, the pressure switch will activate the spool and close the valve. Due to the required precision of level measurement, it is recommended to use RT pressure switch.

• RT 113: 0 – 3 m
•• RT 112: 0–11 m

EV220B valves can also work with other liquid level regulators if they have relay outputs.

Download PDF with an application example